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"Mercato Ristorante" original oil on canvas commission, 40x30"

"Red Wine & Grape Vines" at Galer Estate Vineyard. 36x32" oil on canvas

"Harmony on the Farm" 36x24" Original Oil on Canvas

"Phillips Hall" 36x24" oil on canvas

"Claude Rains Home" 30x24" oil on canvas

"Everhart Park" 45x45" oil on canvas.

"West Chester Rooftops over Barnaby's" 36x36" original oil on canvas. Canvas Prints available

"Warm Fall Light over Fat Chance Farm" 48x30" Original Oil on Canvas. Sold. Canvas Prints Available

"Glory after the Storm" 56x44" Original Oil on Canvas. Sold

"Shenandoah Sunset" 30x24" oil on canvas. Sold

"Rhythms & Reflections on West Gay" 46x30" oil on canvas. Sold