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Summer Sun Sanctuary

"The Last Light"

"Siesta Key Sunset"

*Wish On Your Wave*

30x24" Original Oil on Canvas. Lido Key ~ Sarasota, Florida

Brandywine Reflections

"Wet Paint" Event at Chadds Ford Historical Society

John Chads' House, 1725. Chadds Ford, Pa. 30x24" Original oil on canvas.

Yesterday 24 artists headed out in the snow to paint various historic locations around Chadds Ford, ending the day with a "wet paint" show at the Historical Society. I decided upon John Chads' home, built in 1725, where Chads' wife observed Hessian and Continental troop movements from the attic window at the Battle of the Brandywine, September 11, 1777. It was a long day painting, but great synergy connecting with other artists... In the left mid-ground of my painting, you can see local artist Bill Basciani protecting his palette from the morning snow with an umbrella. The show will be on display for the next month at the Chadds Ford Historical Society.

"Glowing Globe & The Mysteries of Life"

28x24" Original Oil on Canvas

Painting a portrait with Rick...

I met Rick at my first painting class five years ago and we've painted together every week eversince. Yesterday I showed him what I've learned recently about portrait painting, and we took turns practicing. This photo is after two hours, and I still have more work to do...

18x24" oil on canvas

Striving to paint a deeper portrait...

This past week was probably the most intensive week of painting in my life... I spent the days at a portrait painting workshop with artist Kerry Dunn at the reputable studio Incamminati in Philadelphia. I was truly inspired by their high standard of excellence in technique, combined with a deeply soulful philosophy on art and life. Not only are you painting a person but also their timeless spirit. It was a synergistic experience to paint next to so many talented artists from around the world.

Each night I attended other classes. I learned so much and feel really fired up to create prolifically with a high focus on quality. Beyond technical skill, I really feel like this week strengthened my vision of the spirit of art and being an artist.

Each study here is 16" x 20" oil on canvas. If you are interested in having a portrait painted, please contact me for more info.

Birds of the Preserve

I've spent the last several days painting this 48x24" canvas at Stroud Preserve outside West Chester... And each day the winds became so intense on this hill that my easel blew over. As the winds began to swirl, a trio of red tail hawks and a couple vultures were lifted together high in the sky as they commenced their hunt. While creating, I reflected on the Lenape indians who wandered this land thousands of years ago on personal quests to seek guidance from nature. I sought to embody their spirit and capture the experience of the wind and birds through mood-energizing textures and vibrating color.

Clementines & Wine...

This is my first completed painting of the new year, created with high intentions to express life energy through thick paint and energetic strokes. The book in the background is Van Gogh, and I strived to view each moment I painted as a seance to past artists who inspire me. I tried to enhance the mood by adding the burning candles as further homage.

Original Oil on Canvas 36x24"