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Brandywine Battlefield

Felt inspired to re-visit the Brandywine Battlefield yesterday morning... a scene many well known artists have painted through history. I've painted here every year for the last five, and each looks completely different... 40x30" oil on canvas.

Red Sea Sunset

I was looking to do something different than the verdant landscapes I've been working on recently. This is an image from my imagination, partly based on childhood memories mixed with a contemporary yearning to be at the sea... 32x24" oil on canvas.

Brandywine Bloom

The bright, contrasting colors of the flowers, field and distant blue hills drew me to this landscape along the Brandywine once inhabited by the Lenape Indians.

32x24" oil on canvas.

The Guest House

I grew up on this property so the place has a deeply personal significance for me. I spent a week outside during a major heatwave trying to continually improve this painting. 30x40" oil on canvas.

Summer's Strawberries

I was wanting to get some deep, warm reds into a painting, and what better signifies the season better than strawberries... 20x16" oil on canvas.

The Last Goodbye

My good friend Rick just moved from this forest property where he's lived peacefully for sixty years. I have been painting here since I started painting with Rick five years ago, and this is the last of about 25 paintings I've done here. "The Last Goodbye" is also the title of my friend's new Broadway musical featuring the music of the late Jeff Buckley. These woods are a deeply meaningful sanctuary for us. 30x24" oil on canvas.

Red Daisies





Summer Sun Sanctuary